Welcome to Schneider-BC Insurance Business Consulting

At Schneider-BC we believe that the world is full of opportunities and in the insurance industry even more. The changes are happening fast and technology is being the engine of the same generating new and attractive blue oceans.

But to continue playing this game you need to be creative, resourceful, persevering and be very attentive to stay competitive and prepared for the upcoming challenges.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to be practical, with a fair balance between the day to day and the future that is approaching.

Schneider-BC has the vision focused on the customer experience to design and structure with our clients, business strategies that allow a fast and sustained growth of the business

Our Vision

Is a vision on a transformation to a new customer value proposal for growth and success in the Digital Age

The Insurance world is in a change, anytime, anywhere means mobility equal on-demand services. And the Digital Age is reshaping the relationship with customers.

New models for new growth opportunities have customers in the center. While customer expects traditional, new and different forms of interaction than in the past, the growing evolution of the business require increasingly complex, value-chain solutions — characterized by bundled services and a technology-driven delivery infrastructure — to satisfying requirements

This will allows customers to communicate and interact whatever way they have chosen

Schneider-BC has this vision to develop business opportunities

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